Opensea Automatic Bulk Upload And Sale


Opensea Automatic Bulk Upload And Sale

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5/5 - (1 vote)

Automatically and massively upload and list your non-fungible tokens on the OpenSea marketplace using Python Selenium.

Was sind NFT-Token? - Cointribune


A Selenium Python bot to automatically and bulky upload and list your NFTs on OpenSea.
All metadata integrated – Ethereum and Polygon supported – reCAPTCHA solver services included.

Version 1.12.15 (February 11, 2023)

Need help or have a specific request?

An improved paid version of this tool, faster and easier to understand. All extensions are included.

You find the installation of this tool too complicated?

Well, with the OpenSea Workshop it’s over, its easy installation and its intuitive interface offers you the possibility to create a compatible file including your metadata. You can uploadput on sale and delete NFTs, but also scrape your collection(s) in order to find duplicates and missing items.



With this bot, you can choose to upload, list or even both your non-fungible tokens on the OpenSea marketplace.

You just have to create or convert a metadata file following the requested structure, JSON, CSV and XLSX (Excel file) formats are available. This file will include every detail for each NFT. Then, you just have to launch the bot and select the action you want to perform, as well as the metadata file created. Finally, the bot will automate the tedious task of uploading or listing NFTs, one by one by hand, for several days.

  • Absolutely all upload details are supported, you can add as many properties as you want.
  • All file formats offered by OpenSea are compatible, including images, videos or even 3D models.
  • Ethereum and Polygon blockchains are supported, and the switch between these two blockchains is also supported.
  • In case of failure during an upload, a listing or when you only want to upload your NFTs on OpenSea, a file is generated with details already filled in or to be filled in.

Useful tools to have for this bot

    • File Compatibilizer & Converter

      Using the File Compatibilizer and Converter, you can convert all JSON files generated with the HashLips Art Engine tool into a single compatible file. The tool ignores the file named _metadata.json and focuses on all other files listed. It retrieves each of the information containing them such as attributes and properties and adds them into a single file.

    • Generic File Maker

      Using the Generic File Maker, you can complete your JSON metadata file using a simple generic file that contains 21 details, 18 about NFTs and 3 about how the tool works. It supports increment value, for example if you name your assets (images or videos) from 1 to 10000, you can in one line complete all the file paths of the metadata file.

    • Collection Scraper

      Using the Collection Scraper, you can retrieve the URLs of the NFTs of any collection. It makes it easier to manage your collection, you can now know which NFTs are missing, which ones are duplicated. It facilitates the listing of your NFTs by creating different files compatible with the Sale Only option.

      Thus a full file containing all NFTs, a unique file containing each NFT individually based on their names, a duplicate file containing all duplicated NFTs of the collection and a missing file containing all missing NFTs will be created, and these in all formats compatible with the bot (JSON, CSV and XLSX).

    • reCAPTCHA Bypasser

      Using the reCAPTCHA Bypasser, you can instantly solve reCAPTCHAs when uploading to OpenSea. This maximizes the upload speed on OpenSea, the average 30 second wait time of other solvers no longer exists with this solver. It uses an exploit to bypass the reCAPTCHA. The upload speed is such that there would be no reCAPTCHA.

      The reCAPTCHA Bypasser allows an instant solve of the reCAPTCHAs. Up to 400 NFTs per hour, or 10,000 NFTs in one day with one process. Watch this video to see how fast the upload is with this exploit!

    • Multiprocessing

      Using the Multiprocessing tool, you can upload your NFTs faster and with several processes running at the same time. You can have up to 5 simultaneous processes depending on the power of your computer. It splits your file into several sub-files, then opens several command prompts that work like the main bot but at the same time: it connects to your wallet, connects to OpenSea and starts the upload or listing task.

    • Deletion

      Using the Deletion tool, you can delete any NFT on OpenSea. It is compatible with the Collection Scraper which creates files for duplicated NFTs or for an entire collection.

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