1 .The purpose of the website:

dlsoftfree.com is a website sharing software, applications, tips for Windows, Mac, IOS, Winphone completely free.

We want to create a community of users who love the software, where they can share their opinions, evaluate their favorite programs with other users.

2 .Software copyright:

We as compiler and introduce software features to users. Software is provided by the publisher, or the author of the software (Publisher). All software copyright and software liability are with the publisher of that software

3 .Change terms:

We reserve the right to delete, edit any content posted on the forum for any reason without explanation. Request to remove or correct the Content will comply with our decision. We reserve the right to cancel the service (remove account or ban) from our Services at any time.

4 .User rights and obligations:

You must agree not to use the Service to post or link to any Content that is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, potentially offensive, containing Adult content (pornography), containing personal information of others.

5 .Regulations for posting articles:

The valid articles allowed to be posted on the website must be fully transparent with the following information.

1 . Name of the software

3 . Illustrative image for the software

4 . Software download links: All software download links are provided by 3rd party hosting services. This server will not store any data related to the download file.

5 . Description and detailed information about the software

6 . Property Use software (Free, Trial, Premium)

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